Is fishing allowed during lockdown?

Fishing is set to be banned in England under new lockdown rules following Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday.

The sport was previously permitted in areas under tier 3 and tier 4 restrictions and had operated since May last year throughout lockdown.

The Government is still to publish specific guidelines concerning fishing, with more details set to emerge in the coming days.

Previously under lockdown last year, anglers were required to stick to the Rule of Two.

Fishing was therefore permitted to continue for those from the same household or support bubble, while it was also permitted with one other individual under the Rule of Two.

The Angling Trust continue to study the latest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions following Monday’s announcement, but there is frustration at the apparent change in policy after last year’s lockdown, as well as inconsistencies between England and the rest of the UK.

A statement from the Angling Trust read: “The current guidelines represent an unwelcome U-turn and reveal the absurdity that is unfolding regarding outdoor recreation and country sports.

“Neither of which are part of the problem that the government is seeking to address. Unless the regulations are amended we will end up being able to play golf and go fishing in Scotland, walk or cycle to go fishing in Wales and not to be able to do either in England.

“The Angling Trust is asking Ministers to explain why is outdoor recreation now defined as “socialising and picnics” when back in November DCMS Secretary Oliver Dowden held it up to be essential to our health and well being?

“If we are now to be banned, they need to tell us how many Covid cases are attributable to people going fishing and why does the government want to force a million plus anglers to take their daily recreation in the same parks and open spaces used by everyone else rather than spreading them out harmlessly in the countryside and actually reducing the likelihood of infection?”

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