Is Snowflake Mountain real?

“They hated us so much!” Matt said. “As I look back on that moment and see that video I’m like, ‘That was so funny.’ “And the truth is as their stuff’s going, I hear them crying and complaining, ‘My Mac was in there and the only clothes that I own are in there and I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

“I couldn’t show the emotion on my face but my heart was hurting for them, like, ‘Oh no, MacBooks are like very expensive things and all of their possessions are in there. But I’m not going to let them see.

“I felt pretty bad about hearing them talk about those things that meant so much to them and what was in there. It is what it is.”

Luckily, Matt said years of being a drill master meant he’d perfected his poker face to a tee and he wouldn’t reveal all was fine with the cases.”

Fans may be hoping for a second outing of Snowflake Mountain but as yet Netflix has no plans and is likely to be looking at the viewing figures before making a decision.

Snowflake Mountain is streaming on Netflix now

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