'Is that a conservative approach or a socialist approach!?' Peter Bone SHAMES leftie Rishi

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been slapped down in Parliament over plans to provide Britons with financial support to help with energy bills. Conservative backbench MP Peter Bone savaged plans announced by the Treasury to increase national insurance contributions in order to support households struggling to keep up with rising costs.

Mr Bone told Parliament: “Conservatives believe in holding taxes down and putting more money in people’s pockets, so they can decide how to spend it.

“Socialists believe in raising taxes and then choosing to give it back in the form of discounts and rebates to selected people the Government think need it.”

He asked Mr Sunak” “Can the Chancellor tell me his approach in increasing national insurance contributions, and then handing money back to different people through rebates and discounts.

“Is that a conservative approach or a socialist approach?”


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