‘It hurt’ Nina Wadia on pain of making The Sandman for Netflix: 'Frighten you to bits'

The Sandman actress Nina Wadia shared the unpleasant experience she had with her costume for the upcoming show. She shared this detail of Fate Mother’s ensemble had her in “pain”.

Highly anticipated drama, The Sandman, is about to hit silver screens but Fate Mother actress Nina Wadia revealed it wasn’t all glitz and glamour while filming.

An ensemble that included a massive wig had the actress performing in pain for most scenes.

She shared details of her Fate Mother costume ahead of the show’s August release and also gave an insight into what viewers can expect from the Neil Gaiman creation.

The show has been in development for decades and will finally come to life via the streaming giant, Netflix.

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In the TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book, Tom Sturridge stars as the show’s main character, Dream while Boyd Holbrook plays a literal walking nightmare, The Corinthian.

The series follows the story of the Sandman, aka Dream, who is a cosmic being in control of all dreams.

Dream is captured and held prisoner for more than a century so he must journey across different worlds and timelines to fix the chaos his absence has caused.

The story was originally a DC comic series and will follow the same anthology formatting of its paperback counterpart.

If the trailer is anything to go off, the series will open in the same place as the comics, with the story “Sleep of the Just” from The Sandman #1.

That volume follows an exhausted Dream who allows himself to be captured by early 20th-century magician Roderick Burgess.

The teaser gives a further glimpse of Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance as Burgess and Tom Sturridge’s Morpheus breaking free of Burgess’ control, brooding across the sleeping world.

The Sandman releases on Netflix August 5.

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