'It's a great tip': Drivers urged to visit petrol station more often to boost fuel economy

At a time when petrol and diesel prices are finally falling, many drivers will continue to be thrifty when filling up their tank. Drivers often pick up habits when at the petrol station, with some topping up their fuel levels more often, while others wait for their tank to be almost empty before refuelling.

It’s been suggested that motorists visit the petrol station whenever their tank is half full.

One driver spoke on TikTok about the benefits of the method, saying it was one of the most important tips.

In the clip, the American TikTok user, who uses the name prepared.living, said: “Fill up when your gas tank is half full.

“I always wait until it’s at E or below. I just hate stopping to get gas.

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However, the fuel in the tank only weighs a very small percentage of the overall car or van weight, an average of around five percent.

James Baker, from RegCarCheck, said that it was a good way for drivers to keep an eye on their fuel economy.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he added: “The more petrol that you hold in your tank, the less air filling its empty space. 

“When fuel meets air, it evaporates faster. 

Given the current fuel prices, it may be understandable that drivers want to avoid filling up more often, especially with costs fluctuating.

Drivers may also benefit if they avoid leaving gaps in their trips to the filling station as it could have an effect on the fuel tank.

Oil deposits and bad quality petrol or diesel always falls to the bottom of a fuel tank and should not be pumped around the vehicle for a prolonged period.

By constantly refreshing the tank with petrol or diesel, these deposits don’t have the chance to damage the fuel filler.

If it does, this could cause the fuel pump to overheat and cause damage to the car.

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