‘It’s a lump of glass’ Antiques Roadshow guest gobsmacked by Art Deco ring's value

Jewellery consultant Susan Rumfitt was presented with a striking yellow-stoned ring in a classic instalment of Antiques Roadshow. The guest on the BBC One programme thought the vintage piece was just costume jewellery, so she was stunned when Susan revealed it was worth thousands of pounds. 

Susan began by asking her guest how she had acquired the eye-catching Art Deco ring which she described as sunshine in a box.

The bold piece of jewellery was made in the 1930s and is known as a “cocktail ring”. 

The guest explained the ring belonged to a relative of her mother’s who lived in Philadelphia. 

She said: “When she died her jewellery was sent to my mum, which included rings and brooches.”

The guest appeared on the BBC show as she was hoping the expert could shine a light on the ring’s history even though she thought it was “an ugly lump of glass”. 

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“Of course the other thing which it could have been was a yellow diamond, but it’s not, so we are not getting too excited. 

“But it really is a great stone to have and it’s a very hard stone, hence the reasons you are getting that glassy look to it. 

“It is the hardest gemstone after diamonds so you can cut them really well and this emerald cut as we have here just works really well with it.”

Susan did a quick measurement of the ring and revealed it was about 16 carats which left the guest completely gobsmacked. 

She then told her guest how much she thought the ring could fetch at auction. 

“It’s certainly brightened up my day, and if it went into auction you would be looking at an estimate of between £4,000 and £5,000,” Susan shared. 

“You’re kidding me,” the guest added. “That’s ridiculous.” 

Antiques Roadshow episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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