'It's a well-known trick but it works': Packing tip will 'save space and reduce creases'

Many airlines enforce weight and size restrictions for both checked and cabin bags, which can see holidaymakers furiously trying to find the best way to fit everything into their suitcase without incurring a fee. Jessie Moore, founder and director of luxury travel and adventure blog PocketWanderings (@PocketWanderings), revealed one easy way to not only get more into your suitcase but also reduce the risk of creasing.

She told Express.co.uk: “It’s a well-known trick but it works: roll don’t fold to save space and reduce creasing at the same time.”

This method works by squeezing out the air between folds to make sure every single bit of space available is used.

If done correctly, it can also mean you don’t need to go in search of an iron on your first day of vacation.

Jessie explained: “Start by packing large items and then fill all the gaps with smaller items like underwear, socks and chargers.

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She said: “If you have a bulky jacket or jumper, wear this on the flight.

“For example, when I go skiing, I always wear my ski jacket on the flight.

“It may be a tad annoying but it saves on so much space in my hold luggage, especially when I’ve already got my ski boots in there – wearing ski boots to the airport may be a stretch too far.”

For heavier items, such as make-up and toiletries, holidaymakers are advised to think about how much they are likely to use on their travels.


Becky explained: “You can decant big toiletries bottles into smaller pots or bottles, such as your moisturiser, cleanser, shampoo and conditioner if you need to bring these.

“Remember that retailers charge a premium for those travel-sized toiletries, so it’s far more cost-efficient to do it yourself.”

If you are travelling with hand luggage only, all toiletries must be below 100ml in size and should be carried in a resealable, clear plastic bag for security purposes.

Alternatively, experts recommend waiting to buy your toiletries at your destination or using an airport shop click-and-collect service.

Boots at Gatwick Airport has offered a click-and-collect service for several years, something which Nicky Kelvin, head of The Points Guy UK, suggests is “massively underused”.

My Kelvin explained: “You will need to leave at least 10 days minimum before ordering, and this will count towards your carry-on allowance in the eyes of most airlines.”

However, if you are travelling with hand luggage only, you will have to consider liquid restrictions for your return flight home.

Mr Kelvin added: “If you don’t use up these items during your holiday and wish to bring them back it will mean packing them in a checked bag for your return flight or risk having to throw the items away at security.”

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