'It's called manners!' Verhofstadt torn apart for 'good at queuing' jibe fired at Britons

The former EU Brexit negotiator gleefully tweeted about lorry queues at Dover on Friday. Sharing a video posted by a courier showing queues into the port, Mr Verhofstadt joked: “The British might be good at queuing… “But what use is a trade deal with Australia compared to the mess Brexit created for the export of goods to your neighbours?”

His comment was intended as a dig to the UK for the decision of its Government to prioritise global trade rather than trade with the EU post-Brexit.

Express.co.uk readers hit back at the Belgian MEP, with many suggesting the joke was on the EU, not Britain.

DaemonStorm jibed: “The Brits are good at queueing – it is called manners.

“We are also known for generosity, something the EU knows very little about. How sad.”

Klingon warrior wrote: “I look on the bright side. A picture of the gloating Verhofstadt equals to at least a million Brexit votes.

“His face alone will ensure that UK will never go back to the EU.”

ThornInTheSide also joked: “I’d much prefer queuing than being subject to EU authority. Feels good to queue in freedom.”

Some commentators did, on the other hand, come to the Belgian politician’s defence.

Perhaps most notably, former MP and staunch Remain-supporter Anna Soubry responded to his comment: “Why did no one warn us?

“Brexit was built on lies sold by charlatans #BrexitReality #Brexitisntworking.”

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