'It's infuriating!' Jeremy Clarkson rages over failed Diddly Squat planning permissions

Amazon Prime Video viewers were thrilled when Clarkson’s Farm was renewed for a second season after the roaring success of the first. However, lashing out on TalkTV’s The News Desk to Tom Newton Dunn, Jeremy Clarkson revealed his plans for Diddly Squat Farm have been thwarted by local planners.

The Grand Tour star shared his thoughts on the importance of British farmers being granted planning permission.

He said: “I’ve no idea I must have offended the planners in some way in a column I wrote probably 20 years ago and I can’t get planning permission. 

“Maybe I should buy an apron and join the Masons. I don’t know what you have to do. But I simply can’t get planning permission for anything.

“Which is infuriating, but it’s not just me as it turns out.”

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“Farmers up and down the country are saying the same thing,” he continued. 

“I’m sure you know the basic farm payment scheme has been reduced dramatically. Right? 

“It’s gone down from £80,000 to £60,000, it goes down to £40,000 next year, and it will eventually go to nothing at all. 

“And the government has told farmers to diversify, to think of other ways of making money and not just to rely on taxpayer assistance.”

Jeremy said: “Without knowing it, the West Oxfordshire District Council is writing a fantastic script, and every farmer in the country will go, ‘That’s exactly what’s happening.’

“You know, these, how can I put it… not terribly bright people in planning departments just don’t understand what they’re messing around with.

“And I’m seeing the results. I was told to change the traditional green tin roof on my shop, to a much more expensive slate.  

“I was told I couldn’t sell milk that was coming from five miles away from a woman who’s desperately, desperately worried about her future as a dairy farmer because of TB and so on.”

The Grand Tour star explained he hasn’t “been allowed to build a car park” despite protestations from locals who blame the Diddly Squat Farm shop for there being “too many people parking on the road”.

He also revealed local planners have prevented him from building a farm track too.

“It just goes on and on and on and the council’s answer to everything, is no,” he added.

The News Desk airs on TalkTV on weekdays at 7pm. Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. 

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