'It's nowhere near enough' Starmer struggles to defend Labour's £30bn energy policy

Sir Keir discussed his energy plan which has only been planned to last up to six months. The Labour leaders then went on to discuss his visit at a high street bank. Nationwide in order to speak with staff about the cost of living crisis. Sir Keir Starmer warned of how difficult winter will be for many citizens, due to energy bills raising to between £2,000 and £4,200. Yesterday the Labour Party laid out plans for ways to tackle the energy crisis, as many people around the country have been demanding that the British Government do more to help people before it’s too late.

The Sky News reporter said: “Your plan only looks ahead for the next six months, this crisis is going to go on far longer than six months.

“It’s nowhere near enough, is it?”

Mr Starmer said: “Well what we’ve addressed is the question of how we deal with the difficult winter that we’re about to face.

“Because those energy price bills are going to go up from something in the order of £2,000 to £3,500 in October, and £4,200 in January.

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Mr Starmer added: “There seems to be a sort of casual assumption that most people can cope.

“But I think and I’m here at the Nationwide in Swindon talking to some of the staff and they’ve been very clear that all sorts of people are coming in for advice.

“Because so many people will not be able to cope with that, so yes this is a scheme that covers the whole of a very difficult winter period.

“And for those that challenge me, particularly the Tory’s challenging me, I’d say well where is your plan for this winter? Because there isn’t one.”

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Mr Pygram told LBC: “There is going to be a big crisis this winter because simply prices are incredibly high.

“And there were loads of people in fuel poverty last winter, so it could be as many as a third of households in fuel poverty this winter unless action is taken.

“Now the energy bill support scheme that was forward a couple of months ago was a really helpful start, but that was based on an expectation of a price cut far lower than it’s going to be, so this extra work is needed.

“What our community thinks is really needed, is really three things, first of all, there needs to be a fuel poverty winter plan.

“Like the NHS with covid, actually actively monitoring what is happening on the ground and being responsive.

“Secondly it’s about money, the support schemes that have already been announced are really helpful, they’re the biggest ever but they’re nowhere near enough.

“The Government needs to ensure that enough cash support reaches people in good time.

“Making sure that cash support is needed under other options and measures available to reduce the pressure on households.”


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