Jeremy Vine panellist forecasts Truss to call Brits to vote 'shortly' to calm furore

Liz Truss could “shortly” be forced to call a general election, according to a leading political commentator. Christopher Hope, the associate editor of The Daily Telegraph, remarked that no one voted for the radical shift in economic policy pushed by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwartang. The Jeremy Vine Show panellist forecast that Ms Truss may end up having to call on Britons to vote to calm the market turmoil.

This comes as more than 100,000 people have signed a government petition calling for an immediate general election “to end the chaos of the current government”.

Author Jemma Forte, also a panellist on the programme, claimed the days of market turmoil were “total and utter mayhem”.

She even called on Ms Truss and Mr Kwarteng to be “put in prison because I think it is criminal for what they have done”.

Ms Forte added: “There is justification for that because there is no mandate for her gobbledygook plan.”

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Mr Vine quizzed Mr Hope on whether this was right since “there is no manifesto nor mandate” for the policies being pursued.

The political editor responded: “In the 2019 manifesto, there was no mention of cutting the 45p tax rate.

“No mention of national insurance increase or decrease.

“Therefore there is an argument that there should be an election shortly.”

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