John McEnroe leaps to Novak Djokovic defence after 'outrageous' scenes – 'Deserves love'

He received a much warmer reception at Wimbledon though, which he admitted he did not expect. “I was very pleasantly surprised, I mean, in a positive way. I felt support,” Djokovic said after his first-round win over Kwon Soon-woo. “I thought they were very fair to me. I enjoyed my time very much on the court.

I’ve experienced something that I’ve never experienced in my life in Australia. So this post-Australian period of [the] next several months was challenging emotionally for me.

“The sensation of coming back on the court with everything that happened post-Australia, particularly [the] first few tournaments, was a different feel. Not very pleasant to me. [But] in terms of my motivation on the court, it hasn’t changed much, to be honest. Right now, I don’t feel the traces of that anymore. I move on.”

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