John Simm details new 'problematic' romance in Grace series 'Wife hanging over him'

Season two of ITV’s Grace premieres this evening and picks up after the strained events that took place last year. Actor John Simm has opened up about what fans can expect this season and has teased that although a new romance is on the cards, it won’t be an easy ride for the pair.

Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace and DS Glenn Branson (played by Richie Campbell) have their work cut out for them this season. 

In the show’s first outing, Roy used the help of a psychic medium on a case which didn’t go down too well with his superiors, and in the second season, he is set to still use his unorthodox methods and follow the beat of his own drum to solve cases that come his way. 

Much like the first instalment of the hit show, the second season will be made up of three 120 minute-long screenplays.

Episode one of season two, Looking Good Dead, kick-starts this cycle, but fans need to keep their eyes peeled for the second episode, where they will meet Roy’s new potential love interest, Senior Anatomical Pathology Technician Cleo Morey (played by Zoe Tapper).

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Fans will remember that the show’s lead is still haunted by the disappearance of his wife Sandy, who vanished without a trace six years ago on his 40th birthday and has never been found to this day.

Speaking to and other press, John said: “He falls in love with Zoe Tapper [Cleo], [but] the wife thing is hanging over him.”

Zoe chimed in: “It’s still problematic, the wife thing.”

Not knowing why his wife left and whether she is still alive hovers over the detective’s day-to-day life.

Zoe backed up that their romance isn’t smooth sailing and said: “It doesn’t feel very straightforward. It feels like there is trouble ahead.”

Playing the troubled character in season one who was moody, pensive, and never cracked a smile, the 51-year-old went into detail about having the opportunity to play a different “emotion” this time around.

“It’s good to play some other kind of emotion when you don’t see him at work,” he said. 

“You see him be happy, dare I say. “

Richie also joked that Zoe’s addition has thrown his on-screen chemistry with Roy off, and that so was “killing the bromance.” 

He stated that Glenn is pleased for the pair and although they think they are being subtle and hiding their new romance, he sees all but is “happy” at what he sees. 

Roy Grace has 17 outings in the novels by Peter James, which gives the show the potential to keep going for quite some time. 

Grace Looking Good Dead airs on ITV on 24 April at 8pm

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