‘Judge me by my record?!' Sunak schooled by BBC host over energy price cap

Octopus Energy CEO Greg Jackson said the government should “freeze the price cap roughly where it is” at £1971 per year. Rishi Sunak declined the proposal saying that until he knows the exact amount of energy bills in the autumn, he could not commit to such measure. Mr Rajan reacted to the remarks and pointed out that despite the lack of figures regarding autumn bills, energy companies already have a clear position, “which is that there should be a cap”. Following the objection, Mr Sunak said “my job as a prime minister is to make sure I support the country” and referring to the cost of living measures he implemented as Chancellor he stressed “people can judge me by my record”.

Mr Rajan told Mr Sunak: “The energy companies don’t know that amount and they said they think it should be capped at £2,000 and they’ve come up with this plan for deficit funding.

“A lot of people who run these companies, who aren’t in your position of not knowing the cap, have a position which is that there should be a cap even if they don’t have figure on Friday.

Mr Sunak said: “Let’s be clear, my job as prime minister is to make sure that I support the country and vulnerable families through it.

“I think the interests that I’m going to have are not necessarily going to be the same as the intreats of the energy companies.

“The other thing to say is people can judge me by my record.

He continued: “When earlier this year we though bills were going up by around £1200 on average and as Chancellor I announced significant support for everybody, which amounted to about half of that increase.

“Then considerably more support up to about the same amount, £1200, for the most vulnerable and those households that I talked about.

“That’s my track record on this and I think most independent commentators, including you here on the BBC, announced it was sufficient to deal with the challenge and it was well targeted at those who most needed help.

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