'Just call a COBRA meeting' GB News guest rages at Boris for playing skip card on crisis

GB News panelist Josh Howie urged the Prime Minister to take immediate action on the cost of living crisis despite the leadership race set to end in a few weeks. Referring to calls for a COBRA meeting, he stressed “just call the meeting, we don’t expect you to actually go”. He argued the summit would allow the Prime Minister and his would-be successors to “set things up” and take actions in coordination with both candidate leaders Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss before the country heads into the height of the crisis.

Mr Howie told GB News panelists Simon Evans and Nick Dixon: “The point is we’re not living in a time of convention necessarily, we’re heading up to an emergency, which is why we need someone to step in.

“Just call the COBRA meeting!

“We don’t expect you to actually go to them. He doesn’t normally go.”

Mr Evans then argued: “It is a slightly delicate issue, I’m not sure it’s delicacy that is his strong suit but it is a delicate issue if you’ve got Truss and Sunak who are fighting over this as much as any other issue.

“This is probably one of the only two or three issues that anyone cares about.

“It would be possibly problematic if Johnson were to intervene.

Mr Howie concluded: “It certainly setting things up, that’s what COBRA meetings are all about.

“They can anticipate it rather than having it happening on the day that suddenly bills go up and everything falls apart.

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“To have this stuff set up and also to do it in coordination with both”.

The comments came as Boris Johnson has rejected calls to intervene in the cost of living crisis, refusing pleas for an emergency budget and a COBRA meeting to hold to coordinate next moves to make to tackle the ongoing crisis.

The calls to the Prime Minister came from former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who warned the government and future Tory leader that some families in the UK are expected to be up to £1600 a year worse off amid the current cost of living crisis.

Amid the forecasts, Mr Brown also urged the Prime Minister to sit down with Tory leadership contenders Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to discuss cost of living measures and next steps to take.

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