Kate Garraway details ‘frenzy to fight’ to keep husband Derek alive after hospital dash

During Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, presenter Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley spoke to Archie Battersbee’s mum Hollie Dance and her ongoing battle to keep him alive. Kate touched on her own personal experience when Derek was in a coma back in 2020.

With a decision being made on whether or not Archie’s life support will be turned off looming, Hollie told the hosts he needs more time.

She said: “The brain is a very complex thing, it’s eight weeks just for a broken leg, this is a brain!”

Kate went on to speak about how she coped when Derek was put into a medically induced coma after contracting coronavirus two years ago.

”Mercifully for me, I’ve not had to have conversations with doctors about discussions on turning off life support machines,” Kate admitted.

She continued: “Derek’s brain stem has never been affected in the way that poor Archie’s has.

“But, I had to have conversations in my own head with myself sometimes, when Derek was in the coma.

“I’m using this about myself and not you, but how much my frenzy to fight for him and to check every possible option was about me and my needs and how much was about him.”

The 55-year-old said she understands Hollie’s fight but she questioned if the courts are there to manage people’s instincts.

Hollie replied: “If Archie was in pain and deteriorating the way it has been put over to the courts then I would be feeling very different.

“But, it’s not the case and based on it not being the case, I find it very hard not to exhaust every option.

Kate’s husband Derek has battled ongoing medical problems after first contracting coronavirus two years ago.

Since coming out of his coma, he’s suffered from severely damaged organs and requires constant care.

Recently, the Good Morning Britain presenter took a break from the show after Derek was rushed into hospital.

Making her return this week, she gave her fans an update on the situation on her Twitter account.

She told her 508,000 followers: “Thank you so so much for all your messages of support – they really do mean the world.

“I’ve been off @gmb and @smoothradio as Derek’s health took an unexpected and frightening turn for the worse that landed him back in intensive care and fighting for his life – again.”

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