Kate holds onto her yellow dress in windy arrival in Jamaica as protests erupt

The Duchess and Prince William touched down in Jamaica on Tuesday as part of the couple’s royal tour of the Caribbean. On arrival, the Duchess was confronted with a strong breeze as she posed for photographs with a welcoming delegation.

Video taken of the royal couple’s arrival shows the Duchess sporting a bright yellow dress.

Kate can be seen with her hands tightly holding onto her stylish outfit as the wind whips up. 

The Duchess managed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction as she stood next to dignitaries.

The outfit is reported to have been made by designer Roksanda. 


It comes as the couple’s arrival in Jamaica is met by a protest calling for the British monarchy to pay preparation for slavery.

There have been calls from politicians in recent years for Jamaica to drop the Queen as head of state and become a republic.

Anti-colonial sentiment has been growing across the Caribbean against the background of the Black Lives Matter movement, which has inspired many around the globe to campaign for equality.

Protesters gathered outside the British High Commission in Jamaican capital Kingston, with one placard held by a little girl reading: “Kings, Queens and Princesses and Princes belong in fairytales not in Jamaica!”


Opal Adisa, a Jamaican human rights advocate who helped organise the demonstration, also called for an apology, saying: “Kate and William are beneficiaries, so they are, in fact, complicit because they are positioned to benefit specifically from our ancestors, and we’re not benefitting from our ancestors.

“The luxury and the lifestyle that they have had and that they continue to have, traipsing all over the world for free with no expense, that is a result of my great, great grandmother and grandfather, their blood and tears and sweat.”

Ms Adisa said an apology would be the “first step towards healing and reconciliation”.

She added: “You know, we don’t have anything personally against Kate and Prince William, and even the Queen, for that matter, but we’re simply saying you’ve done wrong, and it is way past time that you admit that you’ve done wrong and when you do, redressing it.”


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