Kate Middleton stuns fans with return of classic hairstyle – ‘Goddess walking among us’

The Duchess of Cambridge has been changing her hairstyle a lot in recent times from a sporty ponytail to announce her patronage for the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League to a casual down-look with subtle waves for CBeebies Bedtime Stories. After the Duchess opted for long curly locks for the Commonwealth Day Service earlier this month, online searches for ‘how to curl hair’ skyrocketed.

Google search data showed that online searches increased by 611 percent as a result of Kate’s appearance on the public engagement. 

A spokesperson for Longevita commented on Kate’s influence stating: “The Duchess of Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the most influential women on the planet when it comes to style and these findings only amplify that.

“Not only does this rise in search volume highlight Catherine’s immense ability to use fashion and style to complement the engagements she attends, but the findings shine a light on how positively Catherine is received by the British public.”

Fans were delighted as pictures were released on the couple’s Instagram of their royal tour with one commenting: “Catherine looks beautiful as always.”

Another went as far to say: “Duchess Catherine is a Goddess walking among us. Her beauty and elegance are unreal.”

When the royal couple arrived in Belize, the Duchess opted for her signature classic hairstyle of a half-updo with the top section of hair forming a middle parting and wrapped and pinned to the back of her head.

The lower section of her hair was left loose with a hint of a curl to them.

This hairstyle was also chosen by the Duchess on her engagement with Prince Charles and Camilla to the Prince’s Foundation.

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For the first day, the Duchess wore a long blue floral dress with short sleeves and beige open-toe wedge sandals. 

Kate paired the look with her hair in a down style with a middle parting and loose curls which led to a royal fan asking the couple’s Instagram account to “share Kate’s hair products”.

In response to the need to get the Duchess’s look, Olia Cutz, founder of The Extensionist in Clapham, has created Ultra Bond Hair Extensions for clients who wish to have luscious locks that emulate those of the Duchess.

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