Kate Middleton's best bad moods: Duchess 'un-regal' and 'frazzled' at Pippa's wedding

Kate started off “calm” and “upbeat” as she entered the church with the little ones in tow, one finger to her lip in a “very beautiful ‘shush’ gesture”.

However, the “sweet calm” did not last, Judi suggested, “and we can see Kate applying some sterner body language rituals as chaos threatened to break out”.

Resonating with “frazzled mothers of small children” everywhere, Kate displayed an atypically “angry face” – a “rather un-regal gesture”.

Kate Middleton is synonymous with a smiling face, but the Duchess was far from happy during a 2017 garden party in Poland to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, claimed Judi.

She said: “It’s easy for the cameras to catch an ‘off’ moment that is often just an expression re-set between regal smiles but on this occasion, in Warsaw in 2017, there were a whole series of ‘moments’ of Kate with her pitch-perfect smile vanished from her face and a look of what might actually be called thunder in its place.

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