Kate Middleton's engagement ring has striking similarity to Queen's £9million brooch

Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring is instantly recognisable, featuring a 12-carat royal blue sapphire surrounded by a circle of stunning diamonds. Kate’s engagement ring was made by the royal jeweller Garrard, and it is said the jeweller was inspired by one of its older jewellery designs when crafting the iconic sparkler.

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring has a sister in the Queen’s sapphire brooch that was passed down to her by Queen Victoria.

In 1840, Victoria’s beloved consort Prince Albert commissioned Garrard to create the piece which is now known as Queen Victoria’s Wedding Brooch.

Albert gave Victoria the gem the day before their wedding, and Victoria was so enamoured with it that she wore it on the big day as her ‘something blue’.

In the years to follow, Victoria wore the brooch frequently, just as her great-great-grandaughter Queen Elizabeth II has throughout her reign.

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Steven Stone’s diamond expert, Max Stone, said the piece “contains a large oval or cushion-shaped sapphire, which is at least 40 carats.”

“The breath-taking gem is also surrounded by 12 large diamonds, which look to be around 12 carats,” he explained.

With regards to the brooch’s value, Mr Stone added: “Due to the clarity and intense colour of the sapphire it was possibly sourced from Burma.

“If it was to be sold today, it would be worth around £8million to £9million thanks to its historic legacy.”

Diana wore it throughout her marriage to Prince Charles, and she was said to adore the cluster ring immensely.

But when Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles’ engagement was announced in 1981, her engagement ring reportedly caused quite a stir in court circles.

Diana picked the ring herself, supposedly because it matched her eyes and reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring.

But the fact the ring could be purchased by the public from the Garrard catalogue did not make the ring exclusive enough in some courtier’s eyes.

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