Kirstie Allsopp backlash at immigrant British Empire tweet 'those tweeting me so charming'

Kirstie Allsopp, 50, has received backlash after a string of tweets about immigrants and the housing crisis. In view of her 427,000 followers, Kirstie said on Friday: “To the people who think the housing crisis is down to ‘immigration’.

“What about the fact that we are living much longer, and we don’t live in family units to such a degree, that 40 percent of marriages end in divorce and that far more people live alone than ever before?”

Later on in the day, the presenter continued: “I love the idea that all these ‘immigrants’ are [marching] up the beaches with enough money to buy a house in the UK, average price £247,000!

“There are many factors that have brought us to this point, and banging on about immigration does not get us anywhere.”

She then added: “Do you think if we renamed ‘immigrants’ ‘fellow members of the British Empire’ some of the people tweeting me so charmingly might view them differently?”

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Her tweets did not go down well with many users, including one named William who remarked: “There is [no] British Empire Kirstie, try and keep up poppet.”

Paul added: “Maybe if you refer to them as fellow human beings. You know, treating people with compassion, kindness and respect. It’s not difficult to do.”

And John echoed: “How about starting with ‘fellow members of the human race’?” To which Kirstie replied: “I think that’s a longer leap for some of these chaps, but I like your spirit.”

In a follow-up tweet today, Kirstie hit back at those who criticised her comments.

Several users did come to Kirstie’s defence, however, including Sarcastictvat who said: “It’s so confusing. I never thought I’d be riding into battle for Kirstie Allsop. But here I am.”

Zoe echoed: “Er. An actually excellent take from… Kirstie Allsopp, everyone.”

And Snow proclaimed: “Kirstie Allsopp is *talking sense* in a series of tweets about immigration and being piled on by a bunch of rabid racists. I feel the need to defend her.”

More to follow…

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