Kuenssberg corners Truss into admitting she didn't discuss tax cuts with Cabinet

Liz Truss was put on the spot over her unilateral decision to scrap the 45 percent top income tax rate. The Prime Minister told Laura Kuenssberg’s Sunday show that she was “absolutely committed” to reducing the tax rate to 40 percent for the wealthiest in the country. But when confronted on whether she discussed the economic policy with her cabinet, she was forced to admit she had not.

While speaking of her economic plan, Laura Kuenssberg asked: “Did you discuss scrapping the top rate with your whole cabinet?”

The Prime Minister was forced to admit: “No. No, we didn’t. 

“It was a decision that the Chancellor made.”


BBC’s Kuenssberg pressed: “Do you think that that is the right way to go about developing what has become a very controversial policy

“You say it doesn’t cost that much money – but it’s a big decision, isn’t it?”

She added: “If you’ve been in Boris Johnson’s cabinet and he advanced something like that without consulting you, how would you feel about that?”

Liz Truss defended: “We have committed – and I committed during the leadership campaign – to make our system more competitive, to lower out taxes and to simply our taxes.”

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