Labour deputy Angela Rayner HECKLED by eco protesters at Edinburgh Fringe event

The Labour Party Deputy Leader was answering questions at a Fringe Festival meeting. The event was being hosted by radio presenter Iain Dale.

At around 5pm today, five activists were removed from the International Conference Centre during a show titled Spoken Word, according to reports.

The Daily Report notes they were “forcefully” flung out of the room.

Video footage shared online shows the campaigners shouting at the two political figures.

These stood with banners highlighting their views on the environment.

One eyewitness told the Record: “[Mrs Rayner and Mr Dale] were taking questions from the audience at the end, then about four or five people stood up with their banners.

“They were asking what Labour are doing about climate change.

“They were told to stop interrupting as they were heckling them.

“This went on for a few minutes and Angela wasn’t answering their questions so they walked out and left.”

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Mrs Rayner opted to ignore the protesters and attempted to answer the question put by the audience member.

The interruption of political speeches by climate activists has become a more and more recent occurrence in recent years.

Earlier this month, protesters disrupted Liz Truss’s appearance at a Conservative party leadership hustings.

They wanted to highlight what they claimed was her failure to tackle climate change.

One campaigner could be heard shouting: “Liz Truss, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Another insisted the Tory leadership candidate had “no credible plan to tackle the biggest energy crisis”.

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