Labour MP to leave Starmer furious as he makes huge gaffes live ON AIR about train strikes

Frontbench members of the Opposition have been warned by their boss to steer clear of the train strike picket lines. But this morning, shadow minister Sam Tarry joined rail workers taking part in industrial action outside Euston station.

Justifying his actions Mr Tarry gave a bizarre TV interview in which he promoted himself to the head of the team as Shadow Secretary of State, and made up a new Labour policy on the spot.

He also rejected claims he had gone against the wishes of his party leader.

The Ilford South MP told Sky News: “I’m not defying anybody. I’m the shadow secretary of state for transport, I’m here supporting 40,000 low-paid transport workers who decided to go on strike.

“Look, this is something that’s important that people realise.


“Instead, they’ve had 10 years of austerity and they’re not even able to come forward with serious offers at least even matching the level of inflation for peoples pay rises across the public and private sectors.”

Despite Mr Tarry promising an at least inflation pay rise if Labour was in power, Sir Keir has not publicly announced what his party’s position is.

He has refused to put a figure on the offer he would make and instead called on the Government and trade unions to get around the negotiating table.

Yesterday Sir Keir said his frontbench should avoid appearing at rail strikes today as: “The Labour Party in opposition needs to be the Labour Party in power.

“And a Government doesn’t go on picket lines, a government tries to resolve disputes.

“I’m so frustrated with our Government because they could step in and help solve the dispute.”

Labour Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds said it is up to the whips to decide whether Mr Tarry loses his job for his actions.

“I’m sure that the whips will be looking at this in terms of it being a disciplinary matter,” she told Sky News.

“But, quite frankly, for me, the big issue here is why, in England, we’ve got people’s transport being disrupted so substantially with industrial action.”

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