Labour party refuses to declare if top-earner tax cut would be reversed under Keir Starmer

Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed was quizzed over the Labour party’s criticisms of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget. The Chancellor outlined on Friday a detailed plan for economic growth which included a string of cuts to income and corporation tax. While the Labour party have condemned the Conservative’s plan to resolve the UK’s economic crisis, Mr Reed declined to comment on whether his party would reverse the reduction in income tax rates.

Speaking on Sky News, the Labour MP was quick to criticise the Conservative Government’s approach to fiscal measures.

He said: “This Government has failed on growth, they have failed to get it up to anywhere near what we saw under the last Labour Government.”

Presenter Anna Jones asked Mr Reed to clarify his own approach: “Let’s be clear about what Labour would do. Would you reverse those cuts to income tax?”

“Would you put the basic rate back to 20 percent and the top rate back to 45 percent?

The Shadow Justice Secretary dodged the direct question, responding: “What Labour has said on tax is that we think it is wrong to cancel the increase in corporation tax.”

The host, in an effort to get a clear answer from the Labour MP, repeated her question: “What about income tax? What is your position? Would you reverse these moves?”

Mr Reed replied: “We don’t know the state of the economy by the time the next Labour Government is elected because of the kind of things we saw Kwasi Kwarteng doing yesterday.”

The Shadow Justice Secretary has slammed the Conservative mini-budget as a “reckless gamble”.

He told GB News: “It does very little for working people. The real winners in all of this are bankers.”

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