Labour turn to Blair legacy 'right strategy' to reclaim voters, Scottish leader claims

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has backed his party to embrace the legacy of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr Sarwar defended moves by Labour to adopt the politics of the Blair years under Sir Keir Starmer as “the right strategy”

Mr Sarwar told TalkTV: “I think it’s it’s the right strategy.

“I mean, I was 14 when we had the election in 1997 and  I think one of the things that we have made a mistake on there’s a couple of lessons here.

“One is what Labour has done is we have…no human being is perfect, no government is perfect we made mistakes when we were in government and the last Labour government, the Iraq war being a good example of that.

“But it’s almost felt late since we went out of government Labour spent all this time shouting about and screaming about the things we got wrong, rather than championing the things we’ve got right.”

He added: “We absolutely made this country a better place and we should be shouting loudly and proudly about why politics matters and why a Labour government matters as well.

“But there’s one fundamental lesson in all of this, and I take that from the Blair years, and those that were involved in that time, is you’ve got to desperately and passionately want to win.

“We’re not a protest movement, we’re not here just to tell what the wrongs in society are.

“We’re here to actually try and change people’s lives so that hunger, that desire every single minute of every single day to win is a clear legacy I think that we need to build on.”

He added: “We want to make gains, and I’m not going to commentate on where those gains will be.

“We’re fighting for every vote across the country.

“We’ve got to earn those votes.

“That’s why I’m so pleased we’re making such a positive campaign.”

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