Labour's 'hatred' of Brexit behind 'machiavellian' plot to oust Boris warns Nadine Dorries

Nadine Dorries has warned her Conservative colleagues to play no part in an inquiry into whether the Prime Minister deliberately misled the House of Commons. The Culture Secretary accused Labour MPs of having hijacked the inquiry as a vehicle to humiliate Mr Johnson.

She accused the Opposition of using the probe, which was opened after being supported by a majority of MPs in the House of Commons, to get their revenge on the Prime Minister’s successes in Government.

The minister said: “Collective hatred of Labour MPs towards ⁦Boris Johnson for delivering Brexit and 80 seat majority for Government taking traditional Labour seats, knows no bounds.

“This Machiavellian enquiry is the means to a by-election and Conservative MPs should have no part in it.”

The Commons Privileges Committee is due to start an investigation next month into whether Mr Johnson was in contempt of parliament when he denied knowing about parties in Downing Street while at the dispatch box.

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“It will cast serious doubt not only on the reputation of individual MPs sitting on the committee, but on the processes of Parliament and democracy itself.”

Government minister and close friend of Mr Johnson, Lord Goldsmith, also criticised the investigation, warning it is “clearly rigged” and claiming that for to continue would be “an obscene abuse of power”.

Mr Bryant hit back at the pair’s remarks on social media, saying: “The real abuse of power would be suspending an inquiry to protect your mate”.

The inquiry will set out to answer whether the House was misled; if so, whether that was a contempt; and if so, how serious that contempt was.

If the committee finds him guilty of having broken the MPs’ code of conduct and of lying in the House, he could be suspended from Parliament.

A suspension of more than 30 days would automatically trigger a recall petition and risk a by-election, potentially forcing Mr Johnson out of Parliament altogether.

The MPs on the committee intend to call Mr Johnson to give oral evidence in public in the autumn, under oath.

The Prime Minister has also been ordered to hand over a cache of documents to them.

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