Lack of perspective! BBC bias fury as PM 'never stood chance' with 'partisan' broadcaster

GB News Host Dan Wootton suggested that what has been dubbed ‘Partygate’ only became such a big issue, leading to just over 40 percent of Tory MPs voting “no confidence” in the Prime Minister on Monday, because of “incessant” media coverage geared towards bringing Mr Johnson down. He said that the country’s main broadcaster, among others, has focussed on the story “every day, turning the most minor development into an apparent scandal”.

Mr Wootton questioned the impartiality of BBC News presenter Geeta Guru-Murthy who yesterday “was reeling off the broadcaster’s usual list of ad hominem attacks on Boris Johnson”.

She claimed on television that the Prime Minister is “a man who’s lied to the Queen, who’s lied to the House of Commons, lied to the public”.

But Tory MP Lee Anderson, much to the GB News host’s delight, interrupted this “list” and insisted the broadcaster was engaging in a “witch hunt” of the Prime Minister.

This, Mr Lee claimed, was being “led by the BBC, led by the Labour party and the mainstream media”.

Mr Wootton, writing in the MailOnline, chimed in that the “Beeb’s total lack of perspective over ‘Partygate’ is partisan”.

Shortly after the confidence vote was held earlier this week, the media was looking into other ways the Prime Minister could soon be kicked out of his job.

Current Tory Party rules protect a leader from another such challenge for at least a year.

There are now suggestions this rule could be change, meaning Mr Johnson could be forced to try and win his own MPs to his side once again, perhaps in the coming months.

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Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee, quoted in the Guardian, has conceded that “technically it’s possible for rules to be changed”.

Rather than pay attention to speculations over the remaining length of Mr Johnson’s tenure, Mr Wootton insisted: “The Tories should ignore what the BBC wants it to do and spend the next year backing Boris.”

But even if the furore around ‘Partygate’ was, as many commentators have suggested, primarily an argument being held within the ‘Westminster Bubble’, that does not mean the public has no qualms with the current Conservative Party administration.

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Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney argued voters are, in fact, mainly concerned with its abandonment of small-c conservative policies.

He pointed to polling which suggested Mr Johnson’s unfavourability rating rose by a greater margin early in his administration than during the ‘Partygate’ scandal.

Mr Harris-Quinney told “It is quite simply not a conservative Government and not a Brexit Government.

“That’s why the people that voted it into power are calling final time on a Conservative Party that refuses to learn the lesson – that when people vote Conservative, they expect conservatism.”

Mr Wootton claimed the recent “non-stop media campaign has derailed his agenda”.

But the Bow Group contended that the Prime Minister’s agenda was not on the right track in the first place. has approached the BBC for comment.

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