Lady Amelia Windsor shows glimpses of ‘small and cosy’ Notting Hill flat share with sister

The 26-year-old fashion model shares the low-key flat with Lady Marina, 29, and has shared numerous pictures of their space which is filled with family mementos, artwork, and plants. Lady Amelia is the granddaughter of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent who is the Queen’s cousin, making her 43rd in line to the throne.

The royal siblings dub their flat a “sanctuary” away from the busy streets of the city and is a stark difference to the palaces and grand homes that members of the Royal Family are usually seen in.

Amelia told House and Garden in 2019 that the flat is “a peaceful place, perfect for us two and full of our collected memories”.

She continued: “We aim to make it a little sanctuary amidst the busy-ness of London Life.”

The walls of the flat are adorned with trinkets from the sisters’ various travels including painted plates which Amelia reportedly bought during a trip to Italy.

The pair are also fans of Portobello Market where they will also find items to decorate their space with.

Amelia said: “We have things that we’ve collected over the years and beautiful trinkets alongside treasures which I’ve found in Portobello and Golbourne markets.”

The busy socialite can often be seen enjoying the most famous haunts London has to offer but despite this, she also enjoys relaxing peacefully at home.

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The pair have made a conscious effort to adorn the flat with potted plants to add a pop of colour and to bring more nature into their city dwelling.

The flat comes with a terrace which the pair use for al fresco dining with one picture on Instagram showing the model in a green tank top and green skirt enjoying the terrace while eating a salad.

The Notting Hill flat serves as a prime example of how members of the Royal Family can enjoy a humble flat instead of a grand residence.

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