Law and Order SVU: Viewers slam 'disgusting' redemption arc following surprise return

With one more episode until Law and Order SVU’s finale, NBC streamers were left fuming after Olivia Benson’s (played by Mariska Hargitay) abuser made a surprise return. Fans took to social media to slam the episode after he appeared looking for redemption for his actions.

On the latest episode of Law and Order SVU, Captain Benson came face to face with her past when Burton Lowe (Aidan Quinn) made a surprise appearance.

The disgraced novelist was attending AA meetings in hopes of turning over a new leaf and proving people wrong.

As he was nearing the end of the meetings, the ninth step required him to make amends with people he had wronged in the past.

This included Benson who he had sexually assaulted as a youngster.

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However, this would prove tricky as the last time Benson and Lowe were together tensions almost reached boiling point.

Filled with rage, the captain was forced to storm out after she confronted him for sexually assaulting her when she was a minor.

When the two eventually met up, it was clear she had not forgiven him as Benson scolded him for wanting to make amends with the women he had hurt.

Fans were also scolding Lowe for wanting to make amends with the women he abused and completely slammed the redemption arc.

Another fan @stablerisback1 added: “Glad to see Olivia stand her ground with Burton.”

@TNLM1821 said: “Of course, Benson’s still mad at you Burton, you took advantage of multiple women for Christ sakes, including her!!!”

However, @xoxoxoitssam threatened to switch off: “I’m sorry but this is disgusting, trying to redeem a sexual predator?“

The viewer added: “The one who victimized the shows protagonist? I’m super disappointed that SVU of all shows would do this.

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