Lawn care: ‘Vital’ watering, mowing and feeding tips for July – ‘encourages growth’

Tom Hilton, director of outdoor and indoor garden specialists, National Greenhouse, explained: “During the hottest months of the year, your lawn will need extra care and attention. When the season is drier, it’s only natural that you will need to water your grass and plants more frequently, or at least, when there’s been a major dry spell. In the UK, we’re not exactly known for weeks without a downpour, but it’s not totally foreign to go through long, hot and dry periods though.

“Our gardens need some TLC when this happens.”

The expert recommended putting together a lawn care diary to log when it rains or is forecast to.

It can also be useful to set reminders on when to water the lawn.

How often gardeners must water their lawn depends on how new their turf is.

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“Start by watering it daily for the first week, then two to three times a week, gradually moving to weekly watering after a month or so.”

Lawns also love to be fed too, and the expert recommended around four to five times a year, spread out over the seasons.

However, in the summer months, gardeners should feed the lawn twice between May and August.

Tom said: “This is because the hottest season accelerates the grass growth and so the lawn will need more garden nutrients.

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“The other times of the year to feed should be late autumn and early spring.

“It’s also recommended to wait until it rains, and after a few days, to give the soil a chance to soak up the water before fertilising.

“Not only is lawn feed obviously great for nourishing, but it can also work as an effective weed-preventer treatment to keep it healthy, whilst discouraging unwanted pests.”

During the summer, when the lawn is growing at its fastest rate, the gardening expert said it is important to mow frequently.

This can help to keep it tidy and trim.

It can also encourage the growth of side shoots.

Tom added: “They will give the lawn a more natural texture and foundation to withstand more activity and wear during summer.

“Generally, lawns should be mowed every seven to 10 days, and it’s vital that you only cut less than a third of the grass blade to ensure growth is efficient.

“However, during the drier season, the mowing interval should be extended, and you should trim the grass every fortnight.

“This is to give the grass blades more stability in growth and will allow the lawn to maintain its health.”

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