Lewis Hamilton racism storm intensifies as ANOTHER Nelson Piquet slur comes to light

New footage has showed Nelson Piquet using racist language about Lewis Hamilton days after the race row exploded. The new clip was taken from another interview from November 2021 in which the Brazilian legend refers to Hamilton as a “neguinho” when discussing the 2016 title battle with Nico Rosberg.

The clip also shows Piquet claiming that Hamilton lost the crown that season because he was “giving ass”. After making the comment, Piquet smiles and giggles to the TV reporter.

According to Brazilian TV channel Metropoles, Piquet said: “I think the n***** was giving more his ass at that time. He was kinda bad.” In a translated tweet, Metropoles posted: “In a new video, Nelson Piquet repeats a racist term to refer to Lewis Hamilton… Excerpt from an interview recorded in November 2021 was released by the Grand Prix website on Thursday night.”

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“I’ve been surrounded by these attitudes and targeted my whole life. There has been plenty of time to learn. Time has come for action.”

After the first video was releases, Piquet apologised for his comments but denied they had any malicious intent. The three-time champion added discrimination had “no place in F1 or society”

He said: “What I said was ill-thought-out, and I make no defence for it, but I will clarify that the term used is one that has widely and historically been used colloquially in Brazilian Portuguese as a synonym for ‘guy’ or ‘person’ and was never intended to offend. I would never use the word I have been accused of in some translations.

“I strongly condemn any suggestion that the word was used by me with the aim of belittling a driver because of his skin colour. I apologise wholeheartedly to anyone that was affected, including Lewis, who is an incredible driver, but the translation in some media that is now circulating on social media is not correct. Discrimination has no place in F1 or society, and I am happy to clarify my thoughts in that respect.”

Express Sport have approached representatives of Piquet and the Piquet family for comment.

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