Lewis Hamilton risks FIA penalty as Mercedes star blankly refuses to take out nose stud

It contradicts Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, who insisted a compromise would be reached between Hamilton and the FIA, including president Mohammed bin Sulayem. He said: “What was needed was a dialogue between Lewis and Mohammed.

“It is clear that regulations are here to protect the drivers, but on the other side we need diversity and the means of expressing yourself and we know that this is important to Lewis. Without going into detail – where the piercings stayed and where they didn’t – I am sure they will come to a good resolution.”

The Independent report that Hamilton could receive a fine and points on his licence for failing to comply with the rules. However, Auto Motor und Sport go further, claiming fines are incredibly high.

A first offence will incur a £42,700 fine – in addition to a £21,350 suspended penalty. Repeat offenders risk being fined £85,400, plus the £21,350 from the probationary period. A third violation is apparently worth around £213,500 and the deduction of 10 championship points per offence. Teams who do not tell the ‘truth’ about their drivers’ jewellery risk being fined £213,500.

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