‘Life changing’: Flight attendant shares hard-to-spot sign to help passengers with luggage

It was the last piece of advice that caused debate in Kat’s comments.

One commenter, Carter Mangaue, said: “Your flight attendant will not assist you. This is against many policies now. If they touch it, they tag it. Ask another passenger, not your crew.”

Another, Michelle Marie, said: “I’m a flight attendant and no, not all of us will help assist because that’s still lifting/holding half of the bag that could injure your back.”

One, with the username TheFlyGamer, responded: “I agree. We will assist!! But we WILL NOT put it up WITHOUT your help. If you aren’t doing most of the work we will check the bag.”

One commenter, who went by CR, said: “I’m a flight attendant and our instructors taught us the ‘2 finger touch’ when asked to assist.”

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