'Lifeless' dog found 'almost starved to death' chained to goalpost – 'Broke our hearts'

The four-year-old dog was “lifeless” when a shocked member of the public discovered her curled up in the park in Yorkshire earlier this month. She was taken in by Helping Yorkshire Poundies, which is based in Rotherham.

The dog was skin and bones when she was rescued and vets gave her a body condition score of one which is the lowest.

She is also covered in scars and believed to have already had lots of puppies despite only being four.

But in the care of a foster home she has put on weight and her personality is “starting to come through”.

In a Facebook post, Helping Yorkshire Poundies said: “Sometimes there are just no words.

“Two weeks ago, this girl broke our hearts.

“How anybody could let this beautiful, gentle girl almost starve to death is beyond us.

“She was found curled up, lifeless tied to a goalpost.

“Because of her condition (the vet who she was taken to gave her a body condition score of one) the dog warden asked us to help her immediately, so of course we went to pick her up straight away.

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The post prompted a string of furious comments from other Facebook users.

One person, Zoe Birch, said: “Why!!!??? I will never understand the evil people out there!!

“Bless her. Thank you for helping her wishing her lots of luck and sending loads of love.”

Jenny Stott wrote: “Absolutely heartbreaking, I’m lost for words! How someone can do this is beyond me. Luckily she was found just in time for her to be saved. Thank you to all involved.”

Caroline Grayston added: “Why?? I just can’t believe anyone could be this cruel. Wishing this beautiful girl a full and speedy recovery back to health. Thank goodness she was found in time.”

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