'Like a zoo' Fuming couple want to move out of council flats where people 'poo on floor'

Louise Turner, 35, and her partner Angela Dexter, 56, have been living at Allen House in Sandwell since 2019. But the couple want to move to a new council property as they claim the block is “horrendous” with people spitting, urinating and even defecating inside.

Ms Turner told Birmingham Live: “The lift smells. It is dirty. Somebody is either urinating in it or spitting in it.

“There have been times where human faeces has been on the floor downstairs.

“It is horrendous, honestly, it is like living in a zoo.”

Ms Turner said the lift in the seven-story block is prone to getting stuck but her partner Ms Dexter relies on it as she is disabled.

The 35-year-old said: “There is only one lift but every day somebody is stuck in it.

“I won’t use it anymore because I got stuck in it before.”

Ms Turner said there are also parking issues and that they are waiting to hear back from Sandwell Council on a disabled bay.

She said: “You can’t park your cars anywhere. You already have to double park.

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She said: “I can’t even open my doors and windows because of the smoke.

“That is the last thing I want to smell when I am trying to eat my tea.

“There is drug deals that go on in the car park every night.

“I have alerted the council and the police to it but I am not getting anywhere with it.”

Councillor Charn Singh Padda, Sandwell Council’s cabinet member for housing, said: “Sandwell Council officers are working with the tenants on the issues that they have raised. An application for an accessible parking space is under consideration.

“The lift is cleaned and maintained regularly. The complaints regarding neighbours are the subject of an ongoing investigation where further action will be taken if required to resolve the matter.

“The council has awarded priority status to the application for rehousing. The speed at which the tenants can be rehoused is dependent on the availability of suitable properties however.”

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