Lilibet and Archie to be given special ‘roles’ in Meghan and Harry’s upcoming ceremony

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning to renew their vows in a ceremony in America, an insider has claimed. The source said the couple have been hoping to hold such a ceremony ever since starting their new life in the United States but the pandemic got in the way. Meghan and Harry were also keen to hold the ceremony after the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was over, the insider said.

They are reportedly only planning to invite one family member to the ceremony, Meghan’s mum Doria, and will be writing their own vows.

Speaking to Heat, the source reportedly said: “They’re looking at various venues and figuring out the type of ceremony they want, as well as how many guests to invite.

“Meghan’s mum Doria will be on the list, but she’ll be the only family member.

“Then there will be a handful of their close US friends – like Katherine and David [Foster], Janina [Gavankar], possibly Priyanka and Nick Jonas – but, obviously, it’ll all depend on their schedules.

“There’ll be roles for the kids and they’ll write their own vows.

“The grand plan is to turn it into a big family vacation that will also serve as a second honeymoon.”

The source continued: “Things are going to be beyond hectic with the docuseries and other priorities.

“They’ll make the time, though, and they’re both super-excited to do this.

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Despite the plans for a second wedding ceremony, the source said that Harry and Meghan still “treasure the memory” of their royal wedding, held in 2018.

A total of 1.9 billion people across the world tuned in to watch their first ceremony, making it the third most watched event in history.

They said: “Harry will always respect and have a special affinity towards the country of his birth, and both he and Meghan treasure the memory of their UK wedding, despite the dramas that ended up overshadowing it.

“But putting down roots and showing a commitment to Harry’s current place of residence and where their children will be raised is something that’s important to both of them.”

The source said it “means so much” to Meghan that Harry is “on board” with the US ceremony, adding that the couple are “more committed to their long-term future in America than ever.”

They continued: “Even if Harry does get homesick from time to time, there’s no way he’d want to give up this fabulous new life anytime soon.

“He’s got the family he always dreamed of, a job that gives him financial security, as well as the opportunity to ‘serve’ in a manner he sees fit, plus he has this incredible chance to broaden his horizons with his soulmate.”

Meghan and Harry moved to the US in 2020, after stepping back from royal duties in the UK.

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