'Little bit frustrated!' Queen left 'angry' after royal chef made 'really unique' dessert

Former royal chef Darren McGrady has recently revealed that he still remembers the time he displeased Queen Elizabeth II so much that she personally wrote him a message. He said: “I still remember the one time that I made her really angry maybe just a little bit frustrated.”

Mr McGrady was the personal chef of Queen Elizabeth for over fifteen years and also cooked for Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William.

He has also cooked for several US presidents, including Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

He recently spoke on his YouTube channel about the time he made a mistake while preparing a new dessert recipe for the Queen during her summer stint at Balmoral Castle.

McGrady said: “The Queen communicates with her chefs through a red leather-bound menu book called the Menu Royale.

“That’s where the chefs suggest breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.”

He explained that the Queen chooses what she wants to eat and royal chefs are usually given three days’ notice in order to gather ingredients.

According to McGrady, if a chef wishes to try out a new dish, the Queen likes to see the recipe before the new meal is served to her.

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McGrady claimed he put his suggestion into the royal menu and sent it to the Queen but admits he forgot to send her the recipe as well.

The Queen did not know it was a dessert and McGrady received a handwritten note from Her Majesty which exclaimed “What or who are the Veiled Farmers’ Daughter?!”

The royal chef corrected his mistake and prepared the dessert for the Queen, who he revealed has a love for strawberries during the summer.

He said: “The Queen would eat strawberries three of four nights a week at Balmoral if they were in season.

“You try sending them up to her in January when they taste like carrots…off with your head!”

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