Liverpool's Mohamed Salah U-turn suggests lesson learned from Sadio Mane departure

However, something appears to have clicked in Merseyside for them to have a change in heart of Salah following extended talks that consistently reached a loggerhead. Of course, it could be that Mane’s exit has freed up some wage budget, though it could also suggest a change in the times at Liverpool.

If the Reds want to continue to sit at the top of the footballing pyramid with Manchester City then they are, as much as they can, going to have to attempt to compete financially. Thus, handing out a bumper deal to one of the best players in world football is certainly a step in the right direction on that front and may see the club change its way slightly.

Perhaps, waving goodbye to one of the club’s most important players that has spearheaded their revival since the appointment of Klopp was enough for the penny to drop at Anfield.

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