Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak sent warning as voters want BORIS to stay – NEW POLL

A poll published earlier this week showed that 49 percent of Tory supporters thought Mr Johnson should remain Prime Minister. This is more than the combined support seen by both Ms Truss and Mr Sunak. Just 20 per cent of respondents supported Mr Sunak.

Meanwhile, 18 percent of those polled supported Truss.

The remaining 12 percent of respondents were undecided.

The latest polling is in stark contrast to public opinion at the time of Mr Johnson’s resignation.

According to polling conducted by YouGov, at least half of Britons believed Johnson should resign from April onwards.

Two days before Mr Johnson resigned on July 7, 69 percent of the nation supported his resignation.

A total of 54 percent of 2019 Conservative voters wanted him to step down.

The latest poll, conducted by The Times, was accompanied by interviews with floating voters in marginal constituencies.

They showed limited enthusiasm for the two Conservative party leadership candidates.

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“But I’d like to see them in his shoes.”

Another voter, from the red wall seat of Oldham East & Saddleworth, said of Mr Johnson: “If he would have failed or succeeded, we’ll never know now.

“But he should have been given the opportunity.”

Another, from Esher & Walton, agreed, saying: “I really liked Boris and I was really, really disappointed in the way he was treated.

“They’re picking on minor things.

“You know, furnishings and wallpaper and making such a big deal about it.

“And it’s the media.

“The media are the ones that turn everyone against him.”

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