Liz Truss’ Cabinet predicted: ‘Young, diverse and right wing’

It is just a matter of days until the next leader of the Conservative Party and Britain’s new Prime Minister – either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak – will be crowned. With that, the winner must also announce their elected Cabinet to the Queen. However, according to the polls, Ms Truss is racing ahead with it looking “almost certain” that she will be the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister come September 5. YouGov’s latest survey gave Ms Truss a 38-point lead over Mr Sunak in early August.

Rory Stewart, speaking on his podcast, The Rest is Politics, said he believes Ms Truss will be taking over No10 Downing Street. 

The former Conservative minister said a gaffe could lead to her undoing – but noted that as much as he had hoped it would unravel the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, it never did. 

He said: “Unless she has some incredible gaffe, which oddly in this new world of politics, gaffes don’t seem to underdo you, do they?

“I was always hoping with Boris Johnson that he would say something so daft that he would blow up before he made it through.”

Mr Stewart and his podcast co-host Alistair Campbell then examined what has been suggested as being Ms Truss’ next Cabinet. 

It is thought the current Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Kwasi Kwarteng will become Chancellor. 

The current Secretary of State for Education, James Cleverly, is hedged to become the next Foreign Secretary – Liz Truss’ current role. 

Priti Patel will allegedly be replaced by Attorney General for England and Wales, Suella Braverman. 

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Jacob Rees-Mogg will reportedly step in as Levelling Up Secretary, Ranil Jayawardena as Environmental Secretary and Kemi Badenoch as Education Secretary. 

To these suggestions, Mr Stewart concluded the cabinet was both “much more diverse” and “very young”.

Ms Badenoch is 42 years old while Mr Jawawardena is seven years younger, at 35 years old. 

He said: “We’re going to be looking at a situation in which almost all of them are going to be in their late 40s, early 30s.

“And I was thinking about the way in which Brexit has created a total break with the past.

“It’s effectively meant that any of the people who were in Theresa May’s Cabinet or David Cameron’s Cabinet, let alone, the conservative governments before that, have been pushed aside.

“And the party is now being dominated by people who came in in 2015.”

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Mr Campbell – former Tony Blair spokesman – added that the “post-Brexit” party has now become “even more right-wing”. 

Mr Stewart then said: “It’s not a Tory Cabinet that I would like – I think it’s becoming much much more right wing.”

However, Mr Campbell added that a “problem” would be created for Labour as the Cabinet is more “diverse” than the Labour shadow cabinet. 

Mr Stewart was a cabinet minister in 2019, serving as Secretary of State for International Development. 


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