Liz Truss' youngest daughter hopes her mum will be Britain's next prime minister

Liberty Truss, 13, and her sister Frances, 16, have been keenly helping out on the campaign and are “very politically aware”. But the Foreign Secretary said even though they have been brought up in the political world, entering Downing Street is not something a family can really prepare for.

She said: “They’re both excited and not entirely sure what it will be like. My younger daughter keeps asking would she be able to have sleepovers if I get into No 10? “So that’s the big attraction.

“They have been working on the campaign as well. They have been out and about meeting people.

“Just being an MP is a different life. They’ve been brought up on canvassing and constituency so they’re very politically aware.

“I’m not sure how you can prepare for something like that.”

Ms Truss said she kept up her energy on the gruelling campaign trail with “lots of coffee” and she is motivated by a desire to “get things done” at a vital time for the country.

Asked if she was ready for the challenges posed by life as Prime Minister, she declared: “I’m ready. I recognise it’s going to be a challenging period.

“I’m very acutely aware we have got two years to deliver and we absolutely need to hit the ground running from day one.”

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