London horror: Man with 'huge curved knife' attacked woman in Twickenham 'He was waiting'

The incident took place on February 12, when the two friends were walking towards Twickenham Bridge, in South West London.

They were passing along Ducks Walk just before the incident unfolded.

They then saw a man make a move towards them, emerging from underneath the bridge’s steps.

He was “holding a large curbed knife above his head”, one of the women claimed.

He then charged towards them “at speed”.

The two women escaped “unscathed” from the attack, with one describing the help of “extraordinarily kind and brave” strangers.

She wrote on social media: “From the placement of this individual, it would appear he was waiting for a victim to walk down the steps of the bridge to the river walkway, where his placement would have been visibly concealed.


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