London power cut: Hundreds of homes still in the dark more than 24h after substation fire

UK Power Networks data shows swathes of the capital, as far north as Barnet and as far south as Bromley, are continuing to experience problems today. As many as 41 postcodes remain affected, more than 27 hours on from when the problems first arose, after a high-voltage cable failed and a fire broke out at an east London substation.

According to the reports, the fire on Tuesday caused the closure of major road links including the Blackwall, Rotherhithe and Limehouse tunnels as traffic lights lost power, while the Docklands Light Railway was also disrupted by the outage.

The blaze in the substation in Poplar was the main cause of the blackouts, but another major electricity cable also failed leaving engineers scrambling to repair the damage.

The map shows that east London, near where the substation caught fire in Poplar, was badly hit with major outages reported as far east as Rainham.

Bromley in the south-east was suffering while Barnet in the north was also affected.

Most customers had power restored by 3.45pm on Wednesday, more than 24 hours after the substation blaze at 12.48pm on Tuesday.

The substation fire and power cut was estimated to have originally caused problems for 38,000 people. Power has now been restored to the vast majority of those, with engineers working round the clock to reconnect all customers.

Londoners expressed their frustration on social media.

A social media user, Fay Hallam, tweeted: “Power cuts in East London tonight. It’s like the 1970s all over again! I haven’t got enough candles”

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