London rocked by night of violence as TRIPLE shooting leaves three hospitalised

Builder Gentjan Kuka, 45, described seeing police and paramedics surrounding one of the victims lying in the street near his home after the incident last night. Officers from the Metropolitan Police were called to Dog Lane, Neasden, northwest London, following reports of a person being shot. They found a 17-year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound.

Two men – a 21-year-old and a second man police believe to be in his early 20s – were found nearby.

All three were taken to hospital.

London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement that the teenager’s injuries have been assessed as not life-changing.

However, the 21-year-old has a potentially life-changing injury while the third male is in a serious but stable condition, the force said.

Armed officers were sent to the area, but the suspect or suspects had fled the scene before they arrived.

The officers provided first aid to the injured prior to the arrival of paramedics from London Ambulance Service.

So far there have been no arrests. An investigation has been launched.

Local resident Mr Kuka told “It’s definitely worrying. I’m a father of a 10-year-old. You hear in the news these things happen somewhere else, but when it happens on your doorstep – it’s definitely worrying – not just for myself, but for everyone in that situation.”


He told “We have been very concerned about [violence] for some time. It’s been an issue for some time – gangs of boys and adults. We have safer neighbourhood teams and council officers working in streets and town centres to find out how to solve this issue.

“Less police presence is the main issue. For this [shooting] to happen in the early evening is a concern – there’s daylight [so] a lot of children come out during the hot weather at this time.”

Mr Ahmed, who lives a 10-minute walk from Dog Lane, said more would be done once the outcome of the police investigation is known.

Anyone with information which could help the Met identify those responsible should call 101 and provide the reference 6551/15AUG. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111.

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