Lord Mandelson issues urgent election warning to Sir Keir Starmer after surge in polls

Meddling Lord Mandelson warned Sir Keir Starmer not to take a Labour election victory for granted as he urged for him to present “clear ideas” for Britain. The Labour peer, who masterminded Sir Tony Blair’s 1997 general election victory, told Express.co.uk the party leader had learnt the right to be listened to but had not yet convinced voters.

He made his remarks after a new poll by Savanta ComRes suggested Labour was on course for a 56-seat majority in the House of Commons after the next election.

The polling model suggested the party would secure 353 seats, an increase of 154, while the Tories would return just 211 MPs to Parliament.

Sir Keir Starmer admitted at the weekend he thought a Labour Government was now a real possibility.

But Lord Mandelson warned Labour must not now be complacent and urged Sir Keir to go further in setting out a bold vision for the country.

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“What we’ve got to be careful of is what is bold is also credible, affordable, and practicable and that’s what Keir Starmer stands for.”

The Savanta ComRes poll published yesterday suggested 45 percent of voters would back Labour in a general election compared to the 33 percent who would back the Tories.

Constituencies in the so-called Red Wall which voted Conservative for the first time in 2019 are set to once again elect a Labour MP according to the survey.

Speaking to the BBC yesterday Sir Keir Starmer said Labour now believed it could win the next general election.

The Labour leader said: “Something has happened in the Labour Party this year, which is the hope of a Labour government has turned into a belief in a Labour government.

“That change, that switch, is worth its weight in gold.

“If you consider where we were in 2019, to now be in a position where there’s a belief that Labour will win the next general election is real progress for our party.”

He added he had “taken the Labour Party, picked it up off the canvas, put it back on its feet, changed the party and made it face the public”.

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