Lorraine Kelly fears 'I failed' as she admits behind closed doors heartache with husband

Mum-of-one Lorraine Kelly, 62, has admitted she would have loved to have had more children, but “ran out of time” to explore the options after a tragic miscarriage, leaving her with just one beloved daughter. In a new and intimate podcast interview, Lorraine looked back on her hidden heartache behind closed doors and agonised: “I failed!”

Lorraine gave birth to her daughter, Rosie, back in 1994, before suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2000 – and she and her husband never had any further children, something which she now deeply regrets.

“I think we just sort of ran out of time, and that was the thing I think I find I failed,” she reflected, adding: “Because although I wanted to, I didn’t do anything about it.”

“We could have gone down the road of getting IVF or surrogacy – there’s so many options, but I thought, ‘it’ll happen,'” she recalled.

“Then before you know where you are, you’re going through the menopause and it’s too late.”

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Referring to her daughter Rosie, with whom she has an incredibly close bond, she gushed: “I have got an amazing girl but there are times when I wish we’d been able to have another one.”

Fortunately, Celebrity Gogglebox star Rosie has a strong network of friends to lean upon, and has never craved a sibling.

“How lucky am I to have an amazing daughter that still likes me?” she joked.

“[It’s] lovely, but I would have loved to have had more kids – boys, girls, whatever, I don’t care!”

“Something that struck me too is that sometimes men get forgotten about,” she explained.

“People were asking me how I was, but people weren’t asking [my husband Steve Smith] how he was.”

Lorraine tied the knot with her beau, a camera operator, in 1992, before embarking on her difficult journey to motherhood.

On miscarriage, she explained that while “the scars heal physically”, the sadness that is left behind mentally can be far more painful.

Though she described her failure as only having one child, the “blessed” TV presenter acknowledged that she finds Rosie “fabulous” and enjoys a strong relationship with her to this day.

“She just threw us a surprise 30th anniversary party, a boat cruise!” she exclaimed emotionally, recalling how she and Steve had cruised down the river to the tune of a bagpiper their daughter had secretly employed for the occasion.

Rosie has collaborated with her famous mum on the podcast series they share, entitled What If?.

Meanwhile, she has also found fame on the big screen, appearing on TV shows including Gogglebox and This Morning, much to the admiration of her proud mum.

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