Love Is Blind's Shake pens tribute to Deepti despite romance uncertainty 'Ray of sunshine'

Fans of Netflix’s smash-hit reality series tuned in to watch another fresh batch of singletons attempt to find love in the pods, without ever finding out what their potential match looks like. Shake finally got a glimpse of his number one pick Deepti Vempati when he proposed, but his latest post on Instagram is still keeping Love Is Blind fans in the dark.

Shake penned a touching message to his Love Is Blind co-star and eventual fiancée on Tuesday.

By the end of the second season’s first part, he had proposed to fan favourite Deepti and accompanied their fellow contestants on a retreat in Mexico.

Although they had their ups and downs throughout the series, the pair developed a strong connection.

However, Shake appeared to throw cold water over their romance by admitting he lacked a physical attraction to his fiancée and even described hanging out with her like being with an “aunt”.

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Shake admitted he was embarrassed for asking women about their weight on the show, and his caption explained more behind his thought process during that moment.

He continued: “This particular scene is important because it both marks the beginning of my personal transformation (which continues to this day) but also highlights the person I have to thank for it.”

“@lifewithdeeps, you are a literal ray of sunshine,” Shake added, with a sunny emoji.

“As you watch me stumble, make mistakes, and quite frankly act a fool throughout the remainder of this season.

“But just know this: I’m not the same person today as I was when this was filmed… and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.”

The series could reveal the couple decided not to stay together, but Deepti clearly made a huge impact during their time on the series.

Or could his heartfelt post towards his co-star-turned-fiancée prove they’re still going stronger than ever?

Filming for the new season of Love Is Blind was filmed some months ago, so the relationship status of most couples is still unknown.

However, another batch of five episodes is set to be released this Friday, while a grand finale episode will finally reveal all on the following Friday.

Love Is Blind season 2 continues Friday, February 18 on Netflix.

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