Lucia Scalisi height: How tall is The Repair Shop star Lucia Scalisi?

The description for the latest episode reads: “Art conservator Lucia Scalisi has her skills put to the test when Sophy Bellis and her son Harry deliver a portrait of Sophy as a little girl.

“Sophy grew up in the 1960s on the same street as the artist Roger Hampson, and Sophy’s mum requested that her daughter sit for him.

“The resulting oil painting brought Sophy’s mum’s much joy and hung in her living room for all to admire.

“Over the years, the paint has become dry and is now flaking off the canvas at an alarming rate.

“Sophy always intended to have it restored for her mum, but sadly time ran out, which she feels badly about.

“Now is her chance to have the beautiful piece of work revitalised to remind her of her lovely mum.”

The Repair Shop continues every Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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