Man shares how he lost huge 10st but still ate takeaways – ‘enjoy all foods in moderation’

Ben went on to explain how he reached a calorie deficit, saying: “You’ve got the conventional way of using daily calories, so I essentially multiplied that by seven and said as long as I hit that target for any one week, then that’s good enough for me, and that’s what I was doing.”

The slimmer stressed how he used his own advice via his app #itsfine to lose weight, explaining that the app “is just a positive message of saying to people you can do all the things that you’re told typically through diets that you can’t, but you just need to be mindful of portion control”.

“And it’s a really important piece that plays on being able to maintain your weight loss as well,” Ben continued.

He explained that this means dieters can still eat their favourite foods, such as takeaways, but fewer of them than usual.

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